Shark School

Stage one – Tools of the investing Shark:


One of the best and most obvious clues to the emotions and psychology surrounding a stock is volume. Spikes in the number of shares traded during a given period of time are an indication that any number of market players are moving into and out of a stock. For example, if a stock moves higher on a spike in volume, this would be an indication that there has been a sudden surge of interest in that particular company. Generally, stocks that move on high volume will tend to continue to move in that direction, and that is why the ability to track the number of shares traded is such a valuable asset. Although we will never have an insider's insight into the prospects for a company, we can sure keep an eye on what the rest of the market is doing.




Stage 1 - Tools of the investing Shark:
Moving Averages

Stage 2 – Different Patterns:
Fundamental Research

Stage 3 – Portfolio Management: The Key to Success
The Power of Selling
Partial Buys and Partial Sales
Common Shark Language