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We strongly suggest that all subscribers and potential subscribers to any service carefully read the following Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any other questions or concerns please visit our Customer Service page.

.:: General ::.

Q. What is Shark Investing?
A. Shark is the premier online destination for serious, sophisticated and aggressive traders who are interested in identifying investment opportunities with high profit potential. Shark Investing can also help traders to understand what is moving the market during the course of the trading day and assist traders in identifying emerging themes and trends in the market. Many traders find Shark Investing to be an ideal environment in which to develop and refine their trading skills. Shark Investing currently has many subscriber services to service the diverse trading and investing public. The 'Shark Tank' is the all-inclusive service offered through Shark Investing while others may be purchased a la' carte.

Our mid-level services include Shark Investing Pro while our niche services include Shark Biotech.

Shark Investing is for educational purposes only and any mention of a stock should never be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell. Investors should always gather further information prior to making any investments.

Q. What is Shark Investing Pro?
A. Shark Investing Pro is a unique, interactive educational subscriber service. Including:

  1. Sharkfolio - RevShark's® public portfolio. Review all open and closed positions since inception. 
  2. Shark Alerts - E-mailed alerts any time a stock is bought or sold for the Sharkfolio, allowing subscribers to follow RevShark's every move.
  3. Weekly Sharkfolio Update - A weekly summary of all Sharkfolio positions. 
  4. The Lagoon (Message Board) - Regarded as one of the most valuable areas within Shark Swim along as professional traders from Shark HQ moderate threads and interact with subscribers each and every day. 
  5. Shark Stock Watch - Rev's personal trading watch list that will be periodically updated throughout the week. These are stocks being evaluated for potential trading opportunities, or possible Sharkfolio additions. See what RevShark is looking at on a daily basis. *Shark Stock Watch are stocks on watch for potential trading opportunities. They may not be necessarily added to the Sharkfolio or become a Shark Bite. Subscribers should do further research before making a purchase or sale decision regarding these stocks.

Q. Where do I start?
A. If you are new to Shark we welcome you and hope you enjoy your time with us. Over the years we have developed a unique investment style that is extremely analogous to that of a Shark. Our goal is to attack quickly, taking profits and moving on to our next prey. When we sense danger we are quick to retreat and not afraid to patiently wait for a better trading environment.

We possess a multitude of services for all levels.

Shark Strategy Journal is a written blog throughout the day by RevShark® himself. Learn what he is thinking and doing directly from his trading desk. Feel prepared for the day through morning comments, be updated throughout as the market evolves and debrief with the Rev as he relays his thoughts about the day at the close.

Shark Investing Pro is a unique, mid-level service which includes Around the Reef in addition to a number of other services such as access to the Sharkfolio, an actual portfolio where we send out Shark Alerts each time a position is added or deleted. Shark Bites, are trading ideas we relay for you to consider throughout a given day. As well as the opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow Shark Investing members through our message board system.

Shark Tank - is our premier service which includes all Shark Investing services as well as access to the famous Shark Tank chat room.

Our niche services include, Shark Biotech.

Q. How long has Shark Investing been in existence?
A. Shark Investing, formerly, was established in April of 1999 as an extension and continuation of the AOL Shark Tank which was one of the first sites on the internet dedicated to aggressive short term trading. Its founder James "RevShark®" DePorre is a pioneer and leader in the on-line trading business

Q. Who are members of Shark Investing?
A. Members come from countries around the world and have a wide variety of backgrounds. There are individual traders who manage their own accounts as well as hedge fund mangers, brokers, financial planners and other experienced professionals. We are particularly proud that a number of our members have been with us since our inception and many others have been with us for years.

Q. What sort of stocks do Shark Investing contributors look for?
A. The focus is primarily on small and mid cap stocks however, we will also trade big cap stocks that offer high potential returns. We focus on strong technical patterns as well as stocks that possess CANSLIM characteristics. We trade stocks at all price levels. Some stocks may be thinly traded so extreme caution is warranted. Any mention of a stock should never be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell. Investors should always gather further information prior to making any investments.

Q. How does the Shark Tank chat room operate?
A. The chat room is comprised of a stage area on which RevShark®, LizardKing, Hal Uy, Daniel Rosenblum and other experienced traders post trades as they enter them, for audience members to consider and review. The focus is on stocks that they themselves are buying. The stage members make no recommendations they simply inform the room of what they are buying without hype or promotion. There is an audience area where members are free to offer their own stock selections, comments, observations and questions. Many excellent trade opportunities are identified by members of the audience as well.

Q. What other benefits do I receive as a member of the Shark Tank?
A. In addition to access to the chat room all members receive all services rendered from Shark Investing Pro. This includes: daily pre-market updates, daily after market comments, access to the Sharkfolio, Shark Alerts, Weekly Sharkfolio update, Shark Bites, and Message Boards.

One of the major benefits of Shark Tank service is the fellowship and emotional support offered by other members. Individual traders can feel quite isolated when working alone. The Shark Tank chat room is a comfortable home for many of its members.

Q. Do you provide exact buy and sell points?
A. No. The goal of the room is to help traders develop and refine their own trading style and methodology rather than mimic others. We believe that traders need to develop an approach that takes into account his or her unique circumstances such as the amount of capital he or she is trading, time frames, risk tolerance, financial goals, time constraints, etc. A trade that may make sense for a stage member may not be appropriate for someone else.

Q. What are your typical holding periods?
A. We generally enter trades with the intent of holding for several days, weeks or even months. We do not actively seek out intraday trades however many of the stocks we buy do turn out to be good day trade vehicles. We encourage members to use holding periods that are suitable for their style of trading and a number of our members actively day trade.

Q. What sort of returns can I expect?
A. We do not track returns because we do not offer exact entry and exit points. Your returns will depend on your individual trading style and approach. Shark Investing is for educational purposes only and any mention of a stock should never be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell. Investors should always gather further information prior to making any investments.

Q. Is the Shark Tank suitable for novice and/or unsophisticated traders?
A. The Shark Investing, Shark Tank is primarily designed for experienced and active traders, however a new trader will gain a solid education and great insight by simply observing the action in the room. We urge all new traders to start slowly and to make sure they fully understand the risks involved before they make any trades based on comments posted in the room.

Q. What is the Shark Watch?
A. Shark Watch is a Web page that contains the latest Shark Investing alerts. We suggest that you launch the Shark Watch page and leave it open on your desktop. This rapid notification service refreshes every 60 seconds and is a compliment to our e-mail alerts.

Stay out of rough waters with Shark Watch!

.:: Billing ::.

Q. Is there a free trial for the Shark Tank Chatroom?
A. No. The Shark Tank Chatroom is for serious full time traders. We feel that free trials interfere with the professional atmosphere and operation of the room. If you wish to try the room there is a one-day membership option available. If the fee for a one day membership is of concern the Shark Tank is probably not the place for you.

Q. What are the costs?
A. Shark Tank
Day membership = $50.00 for those who wish to join the room on an occasional basis.
Monthly = $479.00
Annually = $4,995.00.

Shark Investing Pro
Monthly = $79.95
Annually = $875.00

Shark Biotech
Monthly = $59.95
Annually = $650.00

All our memberships, excluding a day pass to the Shark Tank, will be automatically renewed unless you cancel.

Q. When will I be billed each Month/Year?
A. You will be billed on the same day (each month/year) as your start date (e.g. ? If you sign up 11/15/04, you will be billed again on 12/15/04 (monthly) or 11/15/05 (yearly). Your next billing date can be seen on the receipt that was emailed to you when you signed up. Every time you are billed you will receive a receipt and the next bill date will be on the receipt.

Q. Does the Shark Tank one day membership account renew automatically?
A. No. The day accounts are purged each night and you must sign up again each day you wish to participate.

Q. How do I cancel my membership?
A. To Cancel your account you can got to the Live chat on the help page. Your account will be terminated and access to the site revoked immediately upon cancellation. There will be no prorating of membership fees.

Q. General Billing questions or errors.
A. For these types of issues please either email or go to the help page and click the live chat graphic.

.:: Technical ::.

Q. When I try to login to the chatroom, I am getting the 'Direct Login Failed: Login Name Already in Use' Error.
A. This is usually the result of 1 of 2 things ? you are logged in on another computer, or your previous session was abruptly terminated. Please log off of the other computer, or wait a couple of minutes for the system to clear your previous session.

If you are logged on at another computer please contact Customer Support by clicking the link below and then clicking on the live chat graphic. We can help you get into the room.

Q. The Stage/Audience does not fully load when I login to the chatroom?
A. The Shark Tank chatroom is actually 2 full chat applications and requires a significant amount of resources to load and run. If one of the chatrooms does not load correctly, try refreshing that room by clicking on the dark blue frame surrounding the room and selecting refresh.

Q. How do I ? in the chatroom?
A. There are some basic help instructions available by clicking the "Open Online Help" button in the chatroom. It is the round button in the lower left with the "?" on it. Or you can click this link

Q. I cannot connect to the chatroom or the chatroom does not load at all.
A. This is usually due to security or firewall settings. If you are behind a firewall, the chatroom requires that you allow traffic to come through Port 18001 to your computer. You must also make sure that you are allowing Java Programs to run on your computer. If you do not have the Java Machine please go to to download the latest version.

Q. Chat room red X either on members or moderators area
A. Best thing to do here is right click the blue border around area that has the red X and select refresh from the options show. If that doesnt work try closing the browser and re-entering the chat room.

Q. I get a Java error message when I try to login to the site.
A. It is possible that a security setting on your computer is preventing Java from working properly on your machine. This website,, will test your browser for Java and provides instructions to properly enable it.

Q. Why am I not receiving Shark Alerts?
A. Please make sure that your email address is correctly entered in the system. This can be verified using the "Live chat" on the help page. Otherwise check your spam, junk, and bulk mail folders to ensure that it is not be put in one of those folders. You may also want to call your Internet Service Provider to check your email settings with them.

Q. How come the Shark Alerts take a while to get to me?
A. The alerts are sent out as soon as RevShark® hits the Send Alert button. There is minimal processing time involved and then the Alerts are mailed out. Some ISP's do not check mail frequently enough and may cause a delay in your receiving the alert.

Q. How can I change my Username, Password, or Email Address?
A. Use the "My account" link in the upper right corner of the screen to change username, password, billing address, phone # etc. To change Credit card information either send an email to or go to the live chat on the help page.

*please do not send you credit card # to us via email. Once you have requested a credit card # change we will provide a number for you to call.