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Individual investors who follow traditional Wall Street wisdom are doomed to a life-time of mediocre and volatile investment returns. Investors have been misled into thinking that they should invest just like the giant slow moving Whales of Wall Street.

The truth is that the individual investor is sure to generate below average returns when he is competing on an unequal playing ground against giant institutions with unlimited resources, personnel and inside information. You don't beat the Whales at the investing game by being a mini Whale, you beat them by being a fast moving, aggressive Shark.

Most individual investors squander the greatest advantage they have in the investment game, which is to approach the market like a hungry Shark. The small individual investor is ideally suited to move aggressively to seize profits and then to avoid danger by quickly moving on to the next in a series of opportunities. It is the same approach as the most efficient eating machine on earth, the Shark.

Shark Investing will teach you the secrets of the savvy Shark. Learn how you can swim circles around the Whales of Wall Street and seize control of your financial future. Swim along as full-time, professional traders guide you through the treacherous financial seas.