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Anna Maria Island, Florida

James "RevShark®" DePorre grew up in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan as the oldest of eight siblings. He has law and business degrees from the University of Michigan and is a CPA as well as an attorney. After suddenly becoming totally deaf in the early 1990's he was forced to retire from his corporate and tax law practice. Faced with an inability to communicate in a normal fashion he began dabbling with the internet as a way to stay in touch with other people. He eventually became interested in the fledging online trading world and became very actively involved as it developed.

Over the years Jim became well known in the online world for his timely stock picks, insight into the market and battles with proponents of the buy-and-hold philosophy such as the Motley Fool. In 1995 he joined with Herb Greenberg (who now is with CBS Marketwatch) to found The Shark Attack Trading site on American Online. The Shark Attack and the Shark Tank chatroom were the first of their kind and quickly became the internet home for many aggressive traders. In 1999 Jim founded the Shark Investing chat room with Scott "LizardKing" Slutsky which continues to operate today with many of its pioneering members.

In October 2001 Jim become the featured diarist for the paid subscription site of Jim has been featured in numerous publication including Money Magazine, the Wall Street Journal Online, Fortune, Online Investing Magazine, the Detroit Free Press, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Jim is working on a book titled "Invest Like a Shark" which is scheduled for completion by early 2007. Jim and his wife Jeanette live on Anna Maria Island, Florida with their three year old daughter Anneliese and son James III.