Sharkfolio Returns
Sharkfolio 11.47%
S&P 500 14.24%
NASDAQ 23.05%
Russell 2000 10.74%


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Shark has evolved in step with the founder and visionary James 'RevShark®' DePorre's journey through professional trading. Throughout the last 15 years, RevShark® has been a pioneer in educating investors through the cyberspace medium.

In 1995, DePorre joined Herb Grenberg to found 'The Shark Attack' trading site on America Online, which quickly became the premier destination for serious traders. In 1999, the first Shark Investing Website, Supertraders, was born. Over time the Shark Investing service has evolved from its Chat Room roots into a full service, financial content Web site, disseminating timely and actionable information.